Even though diesel engine vehicles continue growing in popularity, it still isn’t easy locating a mechanic shop when you need repairs. Whether the garages near you restrict service to gasoline motor vehicles or they charge a premium to work on your truck, you need better solutions for your maintenance needs.

Light and Medium Duty Mobile Diesel Truck Repair, (Ford PowerStroke, Duramax, Caterpiller, and Cummins). We have a fully qualified and highly experienced team of mechanics for assured and satisfied mobile diesel truck repair. Our specialists can handle any diesel problem or fix you may require.

Mobile Mechanic Prescott Valley remains the best solution for more area drivers. We provide a broad range of repair services for any items you have. From diesel generators and heavy equipment to passenger and recreational vehicles, we can help you with it all the time for less.

DIESEL TRUCK REPAIR diesel truck repair

Repair & Maintenance

Although diesel trucks can go longer than other engine types without requiring repairs, when they do need help the problem can’t get ignored. From clogged glow plugs and dirty battery connections to overheating and pinging, there are plenty of items that need to get addressed.

However, because these trucks remain hearty, you might not even be aware of symptoms until they worsen. Whether you keep a service journal, or you don’t remember when it was last maintained, our team can best assist you.

Choose us for all your regular maintenance items, as well as in-depth repairs. See why more Prescott Valley drivers trust their trucks to us.

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Safety Inspections

Are you preparing for a long road trip with your friends or family? Do you know if your vehicle could pass an exhaust test?

When you need to know for sure that your truck won’t quit on you, you need our mechanics thoroughly review it for signs of trouble. Whether you need to keep your loved ones safe or you just need to avoid hefty fines, we are always the best local diesel vehicle inspectors.

When you can’t afford to leave your trucks to chance, you need us today. Contact us and schedule your inspections now.

Large Vehicle Repairs

It always seems as if, when it comes to diesel engines, there are no limits to how massive a truck can get built. From passenger pickup trucks to 18-wheel semis, diesel engines can power them all.

Unfortunately, the larger a vehicle is, the more difficult it becomes to find help when things go wrong. You don’t need to remain frustrated at the lack of service providers when we help more drivers.

When you choose Mobile Mechanic Prescott Valley, however, it means the best repairs for any size of vehicle.

DIESEL TRUCK REPAIR diesel truck repair

Apart from diesel truck repair and towing services, We can also assist you with our roadside service. It covers all types of emergencies, such as battery service, flat tire service, fuel delivery, and lockout service. Do not panic, but call me FOR roadside assistance. We will take care of your needs, regardless of the time or weather.

  • "Robert come to my location ready to repair my bus had all the right parts and had us up and running quickly.Would use him again and recommend him highly!"

    Pete Legan
  • "Professional and courteous! Reliable and ON TIME! Guy was more than fair with his pricing. Extremely happy with his service! Thank you!"

    Mr. Antenna USA
  • "Very happy. SUV battery was completely dead. The service was quick and proficient."

    Hiram Oliver
  • "Words can’t even describe how We feel right now!! I’m so grateful for Guy! Today my husband and I got to hear the sound we’ve been waiting for.... our truck starting! We were at our wits end and tried almost everything- except Guy! He was our last resort and God used him mightily. He was professional and knowledgeable."

    monique ray
  • "I was told i needed my head gasket replaced and guy fixed my problem without me buying a brand new head gasket! Super respectful, professional family based company!"

    Amanda Pulver


We can help you with everything from an oil change to an engine change.
We can handle any problem with both foreign and domestic vehicles.


Our Mobile Mechanic Prescott Valley RV experts have completed thousands of repairs as well as maintenance and are fully certified too, so your Recreational Vehicles will be in safe hands!


Is your towable generator not running due to some unknown technical issue? Frustrated with low-quality repairs, bad service, incompetent or unreliable mechanics? Don’t worry, we will cover it!


If a Mobile Generator Repair is required, we can help make arrangements for you. Our service is fast and effective and we know you will be well satisfied with the results. Call us today!


Light and Medium Duty Mobile Diesel Truck Repair, (Ford PowerStroke, Duramax, Catapiller and Cummins). We have a fully qualified experienced team of mechanics for assured and satisfied diesel truck repair.


We understand how important it is to have a trusted and reliable truck repair service partner for truck fleet owners. which includes electrical repair, air brake service, and flat tire repairs.


Whether you use a generator as equipment or as a backup power source, Mobile Mechanic Prescott Valley knows your pain when you go down! Our experts have years of experience to get you up.



What is the maintenance on a diesel truck?

Clean Regularly
Your truck’s components can be damaged by lingering dirt and grime, so make sure you clean the engine on occasion. Performance and road life can both be affected when gunk is allowed to build up. Your fuel also needs to be clean. Clean diesel fuel promotes both good fuel economy and high performance.

How much does it cost to maintain a diesel truck?

Maintenance isn’t really significantly higher than a gas vehicle over the course of a year. DEF costs are a non-issue as it’s about $35-50/year.

How do you tune up a diesel truck?

The only tune-up procedures for diesel engines are to change the fuel filter, drain the water separator and check the engine speed. If the injection pump or timing belt has been removed, pump timing must also be adjusted (see Fuel System ). See General Information And Maintenance for filter and water separator service.

Do diesel trucks cost more to maintain?

Diesel trucks cost more to maintain than their gasoline counterparts. Some may claim that the lack of a spark ignition makes diesel engines cheaper to maintain, but this is only one factor. Diesel engines have parts that gasoline engines don’t have, and require more regular servicing.

How do you repair fiberglass damage in an RV?

The Repair Process:

  1. Sand around and down into the crack.
  2. Clean the area well with acetone.
  3. Mix the resin and the hardener according to the package directions.
  4. Fill the crack with the epoxy mixture you just made.
  5. Once the filled crack is hardened and set, sand it smooth.
  6. Clean the area again with acetone.
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